Bifrost Rainbow Boost 3.0

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The Rainbow Boost 3.0 is a system for tagging, crediting, and incentivizing the behavior of users on the Bifrost chain. Meeting certain behaviors during the Rainbow Boost program will award the addresses with a so-called Raindrop.

Why Rainbow Boost?

The Rainbow Boost campaign empowers addresses that are actively trading, minting and staking on the Bifrost chain, bringing this group of active users closer to Bifrost directly and building direct trust by way of incentives and granting privileges.

Is the Raindrop a token airdrop?

No, Raindrop is a behavioural point system that ranks the more engaged users on the Bifrost chain. Higher ranked addresses represent higher levels of activity, loyalty and engagement.

Although Raindrop itself is not an airdrop, accumulating Raindrop and improving your Raindrop points ranking will help you gain access to various perks including Token airdrop opportunities.

The benefits of accumulating Raindrop points?

The more Raindrops you earn and the higher you rank in the Rainbow Boost, the more privileges and rewards you will receive.

According to the rules of this Rainbow Boost, there will be 6 different rounds of Raindrop drops for all users who have contributed to any Kusama Crowdloan. The more Raindrop points you have, the more airdrop rewards you will receive.

In addition, Raindrop point holders will always have priority as Bifrost’s new Back to Asgard NFT program is implement or future users participate in on-chain governance. This third round of the Rainbow Boost will reward the top 100 point holders with the Back to Asgard NFT whitelist.

How to join Bifrost Rainbow Boost 3.0 and receive the Raindrop?

Two rounds of the Bifrost Rainbow Boost loyalty program have been held so far, and the third round of the Rainbow Boost will begin on August 8. Each round of the Rainbow Boost encourages different behaviours.

You can visit the Bifrost Dapp fixed activity page to see what is encouraged during the Rainbow Boost, the rewards and to check your Raindrop balance.

Earn Raindrop Points for completing encouraging behaviors. Addresses that meet the buff conditions can also get more points when they complete the encouragement behavior.

About Bifrost

Bifrost a web3 derivatives protocol that provides decentralized cross-chain liquidity for staked assets. By leveraging on the cross-chain message (XCM) it can provide cross-chain liquid staking services for multiple chains.

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