StellaSwap Partners With Lido & Beefy

Published on: 25.08.2022
StellaSwap Partners With Lido & Beefy

StellaSwap Partners with Lido & Beefy to Launch Standard & Auto-Compounding LDO Farm

Stellaswap partners with Lido and Beefy to finally facilitate the trading of Lido’s native token, LDO. This has been long overdue, as liquidity providers on Curve had previously no avenue to trade their earned LDO rewards. This partnership trifecta made up of the largest protocols on Moonbeam would allow users to trade LDO as well as auto-compound their LDO liquidity.

State of LDO on Moonbeam

  • Current LDO Supply on Moonbeam: 314,455 LDO (~$600k)
  • No. of LDO Holders on Moonbeam: 585 Addresses

Trifecta of Goodness

  1. LDO farm launch on StellaSwap
  2. Launch of automated LDO farm (StellaSwap LP) on Beefy

Launch of LDO Farm on StellaSwap

Auto-Compounding LDO Farm on Beefy

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