DeltaPrime Partnering with RoboVault

Published on: 02.11.2022
DeltaPrime Partnering with RoboVault,  A joint venture that will maximize your assets' capital efficiency, whether you are a borrower, a depositor, or a RoboVault investor.

DeltaPrime Partnering with RoboVault,  A joint venture that will maximize your assets’ capital efficiency.

Whether you are a borrower, a depositor, or a RoboVault investor. Learn more about DeltaPrime Partnering with RoboVault.


RoboVault has been developing methods using a mix of procedures that have very no price risk or temporary loss while yet producing excellent profits since September of last year. By way of illustration, their USDT pool is earning 8.5% while minimizing temporary loss. Not bad for a solid deposit. The same process is used to produce this return as it is for their USDC pool:

  • 1. split the stables deposited in the pool in two.
  • 2. Deposit 62.5% of USDC into AAVE
  • 3. Borrow 37.5% in AVAX from AAVE
  • 4. Create LP tokens on Vector or TJ
  • 5. Monitor and rebalance automatically to reduce impermanent loss to a minimum.

The mathematical Gigabrain recognized 25% of the investment was lost (you began with 100% and finish up with 75%). 40% of the value was put with AAVE as collateral, earning 1.95% instead of the 30+% TraderJoe and Vector Finance are yielding.

And yet, due to their automatic rebalances, RoboVault manages to yield 8.5% with little to no price risk.

Insert DeltaPrime

On DeltaPrime, you can use your full collateral for your investments. This eliminates the need for splitting the investment up at the start. Additionally, you can borrow far past AAVEs 60% rate for AVAX. Instead, you can borrow up to 450%. This means that if you borrow 400% and add that to your 100% collateral, you just 5x’d your LP position.

Handling a rebalancing strategy dependent on a percentage change, like RoboVault does, means that higher capital utilization leads to lower relative rebalancing costs. Lower relative rebalancing costs means higher capital efficiency which in turn leads to higher yields.

How you benefit:

  • Higher base APY for DeltaPrime depositors
  • Highly efficient new pool for RoboVaulters
  • Shared research on strategy implementations
  • Improved focus on delta neutral integrations for non-degens
  • Delta neutral automated strategies close after launch

About RoboVault

RoboVault utilizes Delta Neutral Strategies and Off-Chain Automation to earn users safe and secure Real Yield on their assets. RoboVault’s mission is to offer their customers secure above market yields on blue chip assets, through the use of advanced automation and risk management tools. All without requiring any active management from users, so they can sit back while they earn safely!

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About DeltaPrime

DeltaPrime is your prime broker on a mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi. We do this by providing secure undercollateralized loans, redistributing assets with a focus on maximum capital efficiency. Being built on the strong foundation of the Avalanche network, our investors know they get fast and reliable transactions for their most important investments.

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