Atlas DEX Partnership with Snowflake

Published on: 02.12.2022
Atlas DEX Partnership with Snowflake

Atlas DEX, a cross-chain DEX aggregator, announced a partnership with Snowflake to create DeFi’s most seamless cross-chain swaps platform.

Snowflake announced a partnership with the Atlas DEX platform, to allow scheduled recurring cross-chain swaps powered by Atlas DEX. The platform is using Snowflake to vest and distribute native ATS tokens to a variety of individuals.

Users can swap between multiple chains, such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana. They have strong relationships with many different protocols in the DeFi space. Atlas DEX announced their latest collaboration, this time with Snowflake, a Multisig and Automation Platform on Solana.

What Exactly are Multisignature Wallets?

A multi-signature wallet enables a group of users to approve a transaction before it is carried out. Before a transaction, such as a payment or withdrawal, can be executed, many individuals and teams prefer that multiple parties sign off on it. This provides greater security by distributing responsibility for your digital assets to multiple parties and avoiding a single point of failure in the event of a compromised individual or wallet.

Partnership Highlights

Snowflake is a Multisig Operating System for Teams on Solana, with native automation and a rich app store designed to meet the needs of every team. Snowflake enables users to send future scheduled transactions from a secure, centralized location that requires multiple sign-offs before any transaction. Atlas DEX is currently vesting and sending native ATS tokens to a variety of individuals using Snowflake’s Token Vesting, which can be found in the Snowflake app store.

What’s next for Atlas DEX and Snowflake Collaborations?

Their goal is to provide their users with the most feature-rich cross-chain swaps platform possible. They currently have a number of institutions and DAOs interested in swapping tokens on a recurring basis in order to ‘Dollar Cost Average’ into that token. Assume you have a large amount of USDC that you would like to exchange for ETH on a daily basis. To do so on Solana, you must currently manually swap the token into Atlas DEX; however, with this future Snowflake Integration, users will only need to schedule recurring swaps once, and they will be able to set-and-forget their regular swap.

Furthermore, teams hoping to use Atlas DEX via a secure Multisig will be able to do so as a result of this collaboration. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for Snowflake’s teams and institutions looking to acquire assets cross-chain with their institutional funds.

About Atlas DEX

Pioneering the future of interoperability. Atlas DEX is a cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade native tokens seamlessly across leading chains.

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About Snowflake

Snowflake Safe — the most secure & feature-rich multisig platform on Solana. A multi-signature wallet allows a group of users to approve a transaction before executed. Many individuals and teams desire to have multiple parties sign off on a transaction, such as payments or withdrawals before its executed. This allows for more robust security, as it spreads the responsibility of your digital assets to multiple parties, and avoids a single point of failure in the case of a compromised individual or wallet.

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