Archimedes’ Smart Contract Audit by Halborn

Published on: 08.12.2022
Archimedes’ Smart Contract Audit by Halborn

Archimedes has successfully passed and completed its smart contract audit by Halborn, an elite blockchain cybersecurity and the award-winning ethical blockchain hackers to secure your stack end-to-end.

Archimedes’ Smart Contract Audit Results


  • No security vulnerabilities were found in Archimedes protocol
  • No non-security major issues were found with the code
  • They continue our partnership with Halborn to periodically review our developing code base, both smart contract and front end
  • Read the full report here.

Archimedes believe that only when great software meets great ideas a truly great product is born. That’s why they have smart engineers from across the board — from startup world veterans to corporate alumni and anywhere in between. They also invest in the best tools to develop and test every step of the way (including a costly dry run on mainnet to test in “the real world”). That’s why they develop in public. That’s why they partnered up with one of the best auditing firms in the world, Halborn, to audit their smart contracts.

Halborn’s Audit of Archimedes smart contracts

They are proud to publish the final report of Halborn’s Audit of Archimedes smart contracts. No security vulnerabilities were found in Archimedes protocol. No non-security major issues were found with the code.

The audit included two independent in depth analyses of the code by two solidity experts at Halborn. They went through every piece of code they have — testing it and making sure it fits with what we promise their users. If some lines of code did not make sense, they jumped on a call with the engineers at Archimes that wrote that code. As mentioned before, those were solidity experts with years of best practices experience under their belt, which they lent to them and helped level up their solidity game. The Audit also included running Archimedes code through various automated tools to find possible vulnerabilities.

Minor findings on the report were either fixed or acknowledged with the understanding that those recommendations will be applied to future refactoring of Archimedes smart contracts codebase, with no impact to users.

Archimedes is keeping its commitment to building well designed and well tested software:

  • They continue its partnership with Halborn to periodically review their developing code base.
  • Halborn is currently working on a front end audit.
  • They’ll continue to test their existing product in controlled environments.
  • They are preparing a bug bounty program with Immunefi, which they will soon announce.

Most importantly, each one of them at Archimedes continued to develop and hone our skills to better earn the trust of you G(r)eeks, their user.

About Archimedes

Archimedes is an experimental lending and borrowing platform. They build it on top of AMMs such as Curve.

Website | Twitter

About Halborn

Halborn was founded in 2019 by renowned ethical hacker Steven Walbroehl and growth hacker Rob Behnke. The fully remote organization has since grown to over 50 of the best. And brightest offensive security engineers in the world.

Their team is 100% remote, diverse, and based in New York, Miami, Spain, Peru, Turkey, Hungary, India, Poland, France, and many more.

Website | Twitter




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