Vector Finance Updated Roadmap

Published on: 10.12.2022
Victor Finance Updated Roadmap

Vector Finance updated roadmap has been released. Over the next several months you will continue to see Vector build out its protocol, seeking to be the DeFi hub on Avalanche, and bring value back to its VTX lockers.

In less than a year, Vector has achieved an amazing number of accomplishments:

  • Top 1 PTP staker & vePTP owner
  • Number 1 JOE staker & veJOE owner

Pursuing The Goal

Vector Finance is set to pursue its goal to become the DeFi hub of the Avalanche Ecosystem. They will pursue that goal on three different fronts:


Part of becoming the DeFi hub on Avalanche means expanding beyond its initial ve-token model. In the very near term, Vector Finance will introduce auto-compounding pools on Vector.

The platform starts by allowing users to auto-compound Vector’s pools. Once live, users will be able to choose whether they deposit in a manual pool or in an auto-compounding pool. In these auto-compounding pools, they will continuously take the rewards, swap them for the same assets that users deposited, and then compound them back into the original deposit. These types of “set and forget” pools will mean more flexibility for our users, stickier TVL, and a new source of management fees going to the locked VTX pool.

Speaking of locked VTX — when we go live with auto-compounding our Platypus and Trader Joe’s pools they will also introduce an auto-compounding pool for locked VTX! Users will be able to lock VTX and automatically have their rewards compounded.

Furthermore, the delegated pool will be baked into this auto-compound pool, and delegate rewards will be auto-compounded as well. The true definition of “set and forget” in an ever-changing market.

Finally, having built out the framework for auto-compounding its own pools, it’d be foolish not to expand that to other pools on Avalanche! Branching out to other pools on Avalanche for auto compounding will expand its reach beyond the ve-token model we started with, and solidify its position as the DeFi hub on Avalanche. They’ll start with some of the most popular pools by TVL and then continue to expand those strategies over time. All of this means even more real yield and fees for VTX.

ABOUT Vector Finance

Vector Finance is the number one yield booster on Avalanche. We incentivize conversion of JOE and PTP on our platform, accrue ve-power on those protocols, and pass that on to our users. Vector is the top owner of vePTP and veJOE on Avalanche.

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Vector Finance

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