Livepeer Integrates with Aptos

Published on: 29.12.2022
Livepeer Integrates with Aptos

Livepeer is pleased to announce a new integration with Aptos, a layer 1 protocol that aims to bring mainstream adoption to web3 with the smart contract programming language, Move.

To amplify both reach and quality of web3 user experiences, developers building on Aptos can now take advantage of reliable, low-fee video streaming supported by the decentralized Livepeer network.

Livepeer is chain agnostic and can be utilized on any layer 1 or 2 blockchain to power video streaming and video NFT minting capabilities. Through integration with innovative chains such as Aptos, the Livepeer network is poised to grow and expand to other dApps on multiple chains.

The partnership with Aptos also aligns with the Livepeer mission to support the growth of web3 by providing high-quality video experiences in the social, gaming, and creator economies. Additionally, this partnership further supports video’s unique role in providing the type of rich, immersive experiences. That will be required to attract more web2 users across to web3.

Streaming credits will be provided to developers building with Livepeer on the Aptos network. A great incentive to include high-quality video functionality in your app. Additional details on the streaming credits will be released on the Aptos Twitter and blog soon. Upcoming milestones include hackathons, product and service rollouts, and also new use cases demonstrating the value of the Livepeer/Aptos partnership. The purpose of is to be the best portal to Livepeer for its participants and users.

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About Aptos Network

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain created for safe development and built with user experience as a core focus. Its mission is to support Aptos in fostering the growth of the network, cultivating a strong and evolving ecosystem. And also attracting developers to continually improve the infrastructure of the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain.

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