ColdStack Integration Crust Cloud

Published on: 25.03.2023
ColdStack Integration Crust Cloud

ColdStack Integration Crust Cloud

They want to remind you that 2 years ago ColdStack collaborated with Crust Network. To make it simple for Web3 developers to implement and access secure decentralized data storage.

You all know that their team has been focus on making new partnerships lately. But today they want to announce the new feature that they’re planning ColdStack Integration Crust Cloud.

What Is It?

Crust Network announced the development and start of their internal testing phase of new commercial service layer Crust Cloud. The Crust Cloud a Web3 toolsuite for all decentralized storage and hosting needs.

Crust Cloud will help users to access and leverage decentralized storage resources with full ownership directly via their blockchain wallet.

They’re also going to combine the power of decentralized storage with NFT infrastructure with the new concept of W3Buckets (Web3 storage buckets) and W3Gateways.

W3Buckets will allow minting, transfering, managing, accessing and owning storage resources via users’ wallets like they could do with any other on-chain assets such as tokens or NFTs. This feature will assure you with a minimum of 3 and up to 100 replicas per file. Unlimited data retrievals via dedicated gateways, NFT gated access, customizable storage capacities, fixed prices & multiple forms of payments.

All content in W3Buckets are immutable, decentrally stored, guaranteed with persistence in the open internet, and most importantly, owned and controlled by the NFT owner.

What About The Integration?

ColdStack provides its users with simple and secure decentralized cloud data storage & their team thinks that integrating Crust Cloud with its W3Buckets and W3Gateways is a great opportunity to make a step closer to becoming the best decentralized storage aggregator on the market.

They really appreciate the opinion of each member of our community & now we ask you to give more feedback and tell us what you think about the integration of these new features.

Stay Tuned

ColdStack’s team keeps on working hard developing their product & making new partnerships. They want to thank everyone who actively participates in the development of their project & those who contribute to making new collaborations with interesting projects.

About ColdStack

ColdStack a Decentralized Cloud Aggregator: it is the world’s first service that aggregates decentralized data storages such as Filecoin. By optimizing storage solutions with its AI-based pipeline, ColdStack provides users with the most cost-efficient & secure way to store their files. ColdStack features a unified Amazon S3 compatible API which allows users to easily access decentralized storage solutions. ColdStack focuses on providing bulk storage for data which not accessed regularly, but is still required to be stored perpetually. Their tokenization system also allows users to easily create & store their own NFTs & utilize these assets on any NFT marketplace.

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About Crust

Crust implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, using storage layer protocols such as IPFS & provides support for the application layer. Crust’s architecture also has the capability of supporting a decentralized computing layer and building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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