Gafin and Trikon Partnership

Published on: 18.05.2023
Gafin and Trikon Partnership

GaFin is so excited to announce a new partnership with Trikon, a community driven gaming platform bringing a variety of web3 games with sustainable and simplified solutions.

Gafin and Trikon join forces together to offer lots of innovative solutions and bring energetic gaming experiences to their users. We will also be sharing knowledge and expertise to ensure that we are providing the best possible solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and new offerings.

About Trikon

Trikon is dedicated to bringing Web3 close to the next billion gamers including 4 different MVP:

  • Gaming Distribution Platform: A variety of games from multi-chain, also recommended listed games based on user’s preferences. This distribution platform will provide an immense experience from game types from Arcade to MMORPG levels.
  • Marketplace: A variety of gaming NFTs from multi-chain which helps in seamless asset management and trading. let you buy and even sweep the top NFT collections.
  • Trikon Vault: One-stop wallet solution with advanced functionality of ERC 4337 letting you have your multiple wallets stored inside a single vault letting you buy, sell and swap your assets. This secure and easy asset management drawer lets you connect your wallets from multiple chains with ease on your tips.
  • Community Engagement Platform: Connecting the gaming community and gamers to share their achievements, ideas, and efforts to make web3 more accessible for all and connect the world of gamers with a few simple clicks.


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About GaFin

We aim to build a digital community and manage a virtual economy for mainstream adoption by prioritizing the community that creates value for investors and players in the evolving blockchain world (Gaming + Metaverse + NFT + Guild).

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