My Meta Farm and STYLE Protocol Partnership

Published on: 18.05.2023
My Meta Farm and STYLE Protocol Partnership

STYLE Protocol has announced a partnership with My Meta Farm to bring more monetization and utilization to any virtual asset in any game, metaverse, or virtual world.

The collaboration between My Meta Farm and STYLE Protocol will take the gaming industry to a new level. Players can now have more control over their virtual assets and monetize them in various ways. The partnership will bring more players to the world of My Meta Farm through the decentralized interoperability protocol of STYLE Protocol. The partnership will enable players to utilize assets they create, own, or repeatedly use across metaverses and games. While being embedded in play/rent-to-earn principles and guilds, always assuring decentralized frameworks. The goal of STYLE Protocol is to maximize the utility and value of smart Digital Assets and Virtual Goods. And this partnership with My Meta Farm is a step in the right direction. The gaming industry has come a long way, and this collaboration is an indication that there is more to come.


About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm, players can create, own and monetize virtual experiences. The gaming mode offered by My Meta Farm is a Battle Royale with a signature survival game.

The Metaverse world offers a platform where citizens can play, build, and trade virtual assets, while socializing seamlessly with other worlds. And with the Digital Fashion feature, users can design NFT items, create unique outfits, and build their fashion brand in the metaverse world. My Meta Farm also offers a 3D avatar creator that allows users to create an avatar and explore the metaverse.

The minigames feature offers fun and diverse gameplays that become a playground where citizens can relax, make new friends, and earn NFTs. The creative tools feature allows users to create new houses, beautiful lands, unique outfits, challenges, and more, with no code required. And with the marketplace, users can discover collections, buy, sell and trade NFTs to build their unique experiences in the game.

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About STYLE Protocol

STYLE Protocol aims to bring monetization and utilization to any virtual asset in any game, metaverse, or virtual world. Based on NFT-sublicensing mechanisms, the protocol enables true interoperability of Virtual Assets and NFTs across any metaverse, game, and virtual environment. The protocol’s vision is to become the go-to multiverse-backbone that enables interoperability. And to maximize the utility and value of smart Digital Assets and Virtual Goods. Bridging metaverses and transforming items to be interoperable between multiple worlds is the considerable opportunity that STYLE Protocol aims to seize.

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