Navis and Snipe Finance Integration

Published on: 24.05.2023
Navis and Snipe Finance Integration

Navis team vision for nanotechnology products is to utilize the unique properties and abilities of nanotechnology to develop new materials, devices, and systems that can bring the potential benefits of nanotechnology to the crypto ecosystem.

Navis is now integrating with Snipe Finance, with the blockchain infrastructure and other technologies in order to provide a more secure and healthier life for global citizens.

Their team aims to achieve this by developing:

  • Designing Nano trees for the ozone layer
  • More efficient solar cells,
  • Wearable products,
  • More efficient and cost-effective mining systems,
  • Increasing the security of cryptocurrency transactions,
  • Developing new drug delivery systems,
  • Improving water filtration systems.

Their team has the capabilities and expertise to achieve this mission.

Its aim is to become a pioneering project in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology, and to establish a sales infrastructure for Nanotechnology products on their website as well as on different blockchain networks. Additionally, they strive to establish a presence in the virtual world through Web3, which is the future of the internet, by creating Metaverse sales offices and NFT infrastructure for technological companies and organizations through strong partnerships. They have a goal to provide a faster and more reliable infrastructure in the crypto ecosystem.

About Navis

Nanotechnology has the potential to enable the development of new materials, devices, and systems with unique properties and capabilities.

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About Snipe Finance

Snipe Finance is a web3 company that specialize in bringing innovative technologies to the world. They love working with clients who have big visions and want to see their ideas come to life, but aren’t sure how to get there. They’ll take care of all the technicalities, bring their creativity and innovation to bear on your problem, and make sure that whatever you need is ready when it’s needed!

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