BetSwirl Launching Staking Program

Published on: 01.07.2023
BetSwirl Launching Staking Program

BetSwirl Launching Staking Program, the program allows BETS token holders to earn a passive income, rewarding them for their loyalty and engagement. 

The Power of Staking

Staking is more than just a buzzword at BetSwirl. It’s a testament to their commitment to fairness, simplicity, and security. It’s about giving power back to the players their valued BETS holders. BetSwirl Launching Staking Program.

BetSwirl offers a monthly epoch, sharing revenue from previous months and potentially adding bonuses. This provides consistent monthly income as a direct benefit of loyalty. By simply stake BETS, users can enjoy regular earnings, demonstrating BetSwirl’s commitment to stability and commitment.

Where does the reward come from?

Whenever a player wins a bet on BetSwirl, a small house edge is charged, generating revenue for BetSwirl.

What about BETS token dividend?

BETS tokens will be burned monthly to maintain a healthy ecosystem, reducing the overall token supply and increasing the value of remaining tokens. This strategic decision promotes sustainable growth and long-term stability, benefiting all players in the long run.

Why staking BETS rather than LP Bets?

This strategic choice enables us to retain responsibility and ownership of liquidity while sharing revenue more equitably among users. Staking BETS also adds more value to the token, encouraging holders to stake more while minimizing risk exposure.

Looking for the optimal APR for your BETS?

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About BetSwirl

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