CARV and Ronin Partnership

Published on: 04.02.2024
CARV and Ronin Partnership

Buckle up for a gaming renaissance! CARV‘s groundbreaking alliance with Ronin Chain promises to reshape the landscape, unleashing boundless potential and exhilarating opportunities for gamers worldwide.

Ronin, an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain, is tailor-made for gaming applications. It was developed by Sky Mavis, the innovative minds behind Axie Infinity, a leading game in the blockchain world. What sets Ronin apart is its focus on the unique requirements of Web3 gaming, particularly its capability to enable ultra-fast transactions at incredibly low fees. This quality makes Ronin an exceptional platform for gaming environments that demand a high frequency of microtransactions.

Aligning perfectly with CARV’s mission, Ronin’s swift and cost-effective transaction capabilities are a significant asset. CARV aims to empower users to control, manage, and monetize their identities and data in a way that prioritizes consent and privacy. This integration is crucial for ushering a vast user base from the traditional Web2 sphere into the emerging ‘Play and Earn’ and ‘Data to Earn’ paradigms of the digital era, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. Ronin’s architecture, therefore, not only supports but enhances CARV’s vision of a user-centric, data-empowered future.

To celebrate the landmark partnership between CARV and Ronin Chain, they are excited to announce several major updates and enhancements to our products:

Ronin Wallet Integration on CARV Play

CARV Play now supports user logins via the Ronin wallet, and SBT badge mint on Ronin. This new feature offers a convenient login process, particularly for gamers within the Ronin ecosystem.

CARV Play Event Mint Now Supports Ronin

CARV Play provides a diverse array of in-game and social media interaction events. Event and achievement SBT now supports being minted on Ronin chain, ensuring game developers and communities within the Ronin ecosystem to easily utilize and engage their audiences through these activities.

CARV Data to Earn (D2E): SOUL Drop Campaign

Since its debut in Dec. 2023, CARV’s Data-To-Earn Campaign has empowered users to own and monetize their data. Users can mine $SOUL on the Ronin blockchain, which CARV covers the gas fee for minting. Now, users can earn more from their interaction on the Ronin ecosystem.

Ronin Data, rewarded!

Your data on Ronin will be rewarded weekly, the snapshot will be taken every Monday 12AM UTC. The data includes:

  1. The amount of USDT equivalent token assets you are holding on Ronin
  2. The amount of NFTs on Ronin you are holding
  3. The amount of Axies you are holding
  4. The amount of Axie Land you are holding


The partnership between CARV and Ronin Chain represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the gaming industry, heralding a new era where gaming transcends traditional boundaries. This collaboration is set to unlock unprecedented opportunities for gamers, introducing them to a dual model of ‘Play and Earn’ and ‘Data to Earn’. This pioneering approach is not just a progression in gaming mechanics but a complete paradigm shift in how players interact with and benefit from gaming ecosystems. In the future, Ronin ecosystem games will leverage CARV Play’s questing and discovery features as well as CARV’s UA tools, Ronin Games o-auth, and more!


About CARV

CARV’s mission is to empower users with data self-sovereignty. And to share value captured from the utility of data in a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism.

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About Ronin

Ronin is an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games with player-owned economies.

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