GamerHash AI and Aethir Partnership

Published on: 11.05.2024
GamerHash AI and Aethir Partnership

GamerHash AI is excited to announce partnership with Aethir, a company that is building a scalable Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) for Gaming & AI.

With GamerHash AI, fueled by the $GHX token, a network of 770.000 gamers and their powerful machines and Aethir being the leading decentralized, Enterprise-grade, AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service provider in the market — this partnership allows for increased contribution to the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and ensures that the synergy of infrastructures creates powerful and affordable cloud computing services while prioritizing benefits to users and investors alike.

Sharing economy for gamers is becoming a highly important aspect of the industry, with platforms like GamerHash AI allowing users to rent out their unused processing power and Aethir synergizing their capabilities. Additionally, it highlights the potential of DePIN and DCI to revolutionize how gamers participate in the sharing economy, not just by sharing processing power, but also by potentially enabling them to share and monetize in-game assets in a secure and transparent way.

This partnership will allow both companies to offer truly global, scalable and cost-effective DePIN services and place both companies at the forefront of innovation.

About Aethir

Aethir is the leading DePIN, Enterprise-grade, AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service provider in the market. Leveraging a highly distributed cloud computing infrastructure allows GPU providers to serve AI and gaming customers at scale.

Aethir aims to serve enterprise AI clients who need the world’s most powerful AI chips at scale, and also to support hundreds of thousands of cloud gaming players with best-in-class experiences around the world. All of this is accomplished with a decentralized architecture, bringing the GPU cloud to the community and making computing accessible for all.

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About GamerHash

GamerHash is a fully functional platform that rewards users for sharing their excess computing power. GamerHash’s mission is to provide users, especially gamers, with a simple and free tool to benefit from blockchain technology without complications. The platform focuses on an eco-friendly solution by utilizing idle computer processors (CPU) and graphics cards (GPU). By using GamerHash, gamers do not have to incur any additional costs associated with running the platform.

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