Binding Execution on Ethereum with zk-Rollups.

As a leading digital governance project, Aragon Labs invests heavily in researching and innovating governance models. Aragon has identified various layer-2 governance solutions that exhibit potential but also leave open several technical questions. They have been able to achieve gasless voting processes on our specialized Voting Blockchain – Vochain, as well as designing and implementing a method for using Ethereum Storage Proofs to bridge ERC20 token-based censuses from Ethereum back to Vochain. Until now though, the possibility of bridging results back to Ethereum has been an open research question.

To this end, Aragon Labs has been conducting experiments into a new design that would allow for the results of an off-chain voting process to be bridged to Ethereum, without using subjective oracles or any other trusted component.

The core innovation behind such a proposal is clear: no system we know of is able to organize a voting process off-chain and trustlessly execute actions on Ethereum based on the results of such a process. The use-cases for this proposal potentially include all governance processes that execute binding actions based on the results, such as (but not limited to) DAOs voting on asset allocation or smart contract changes. These governance processes must currently take place on Ethereum mainnet, incurring substantial gas fees for every voter. Alternatively, voting could take place off-chain, but trust an external component to accurately and honestly relay the results back to Ethereum.


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