Astar Partners With Protofire

Published on: 08.07.2022
Astar Partners With Protofire

Astar Partners with Protofire to deploy Astar Safe–a fork of Gnosis Safe Multisig–to improve transaction security for Astar Network. You can now manage funds through a multi-signature wallet, an essential infrastructure tool that is needed to build robust applications on Astar. Avalanche, Polygon and DAO funds, including Uniswap and Aave, have already adopted Gnosis Safe Multisig as a part of their key handling policies.

Creating a Astar Safe

Protofire shares their vision of accelerating ecosystem growth by delivering critical developer tools to builders. Additionally, Protofire has received a grant from the Web3 foundation to develop Mempool Explorer on Polkadot and successfully deployed Moonbeam Safe. Already being familiar with building on top of Polkadot-JS and interacting with other ecosystem projects made Protofire our first choice to build and maintain our Astar Safe Multisig.

The Protofire team successfully deployed Astar Safe and will continue to provide the latest updates adopted by the Gnosis team–including smart contract updates, user and developer features, and general support for infrastructure security. This regular maintenance ensures that projects have the latest security standards and user experience when using our multisig solution.

What is Astar Safe?

Astar Safe is a smart contract wallet running on Astar EVM that allows you to define a multi-signature control scheme. Once set-up it requires a preset number of signers to approve a transaction. For instance, a wallet can have four owners for an account and require a threshold of two signers. This means 2 of the 4 owners must agree and sign a transaction for it to be confirmed. Projects can now add an additional layer of security to their asset management, mitigating the risk of unauthorized token loss, loss of private keys, and external cyberattacks.

Setting up your Astar Safe account can be completed in 5 minutes. You can create your multisig wallet by visiting the official Astar Safe website. Also, we have already updated our official docs page with a guide, here–perfect for those who are new to Gnosis Safe interface.

About Protofire

Protofire is a team of engineers, which helps decentralized protocols and developer platforms to accelerate growth of their ecosystems. By delivering hands-on coding and contributions, Protofire specializes in supercharging developer adoption and network usage.

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About Astar

Astar Network the Smart Contract Hub for WASM + EVM one of the top Parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem. Leading smart contract hub that connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all major Layer 1 Blockchains. Astar Network supports dApps using multiple virtual machines — namely WASM and EVM. Offers the best technology solutions & financial incentives via its Build2Earn and Astar Incubation Program for Web3 developers. To build on top of a secure, scalable, and interoperable blockchain.

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