SparqNet Partnership with StreamNFT

Published on: 23.07.2023
SparqNet Partnership with StreamNFT

SparqNet Partnership with StreamNFT to revolutionize the world of NFT loans and rentals by seamlessly integrating the features of both platforms.

The goal is to provide unmatched efficiency and user experiences, ultimately leading to a paradigm shift in the realm of NFT loans and rentals.

The partnership stems from a mutual desire to enhance the potential of NFTs and expand their utility across various sectors, particularly in the DeFi landscape. Both SparqNet and StreamNFT are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs.

StreamNFT enhances NFT flexibility and accessibility, enabling applications like rentals, P2P loans, and token-gated access. They collaborate with SparqNet to enhance efficiency and scalability, enabling new user interactions and transactions.

The StreamNFT and SparqNet partnership brings together the cutting-edge protocol of StreamNFT, capable of providing collateral-less and escrow-less loans, with the ultra-high-speed and scalability of SparqNet, ushering in a new era of efficiency in DeFi transactions and NFT interactions.

StreamNFT will leverage the strengths of SparqNet’s infrastructure by integrating their advanced protocol with SparqNet’s high-speed meta-network (of up to 400k TPS — the fastest blockchain speed available today), thereby facilitating faster, smoother and more efficient transactions, benefiting all users of StreamNFT’s diverse features.

Additionally, the composability of SparqNet allows StreamNFT to effectively interact with other protocols, thereby fostering an environment conducive to innovation and the creation of complex financial products within the DeFi ecosystem. SparqNet’s language-agnosticism further eases the integration process, making it easier for StreamNFT to adapt to various programming languages and development environments.

StreamNFT’s cross-chain bridging functionality in SparqNet enables operation across multiple blockchains, democratizing access to its loan and rental services and enabling users across various networks to benefit from its offerings.All in all, StreamNFT’s innovative approach to enabling collateral-less and escrow-less loans and time/used-based access dovetails perfectly with SparqNet’s high-speed, scalable, composable, language-agnostic, and cross-chain bridging capabilities.

About StreamNFT

StreamNFT is building a scalability layer for NFTs to maximize liquidity & utility for a more accessible Web3 future. It enables liquidity with its composable protocols (i.e. P2P Rent, P2P loan, Staking) deployed across chains to facilitate value transfer and add utility to existing NFT collection with its utility protocol.

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About SparqNet

Sparqnet is an SDK toolchain that acts as a protocol and allows users to build scalable fast blockchain infrastructure in C++ without relying on any VM, thus erasing the EVM dependency and granting total freedom to both web2 and web3 builders.

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