NFT, Crypto Metaverse, P2E News

What exactly is NFT?

NFTs are smart contract-based platform that allows users to exchange virtual goods and assets. For example, the token can represent pieces of art, music, or games. It can also represent real-world assets such as automobiles or houses. They are not fungible as they have no intrinsic value but provide an additional layer of functionality in addition to being a tradable asset.

What is Metaverse in blockchain?

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain that allows people to register and issue virtual assets. It also has a decentralized application (DApp) platform, which enables the development of various applications based on digital assets, digital identities, and value intermediaries.

How does the Metaverse work?

The metaverse can be divided into two sorts of platforms in general.
The first involves leveraging nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies to create blockchain-based metaverse startups.
The second group uses the metaverse to describe virtual worlds in general, where people might meet for business or enjoyment.
The Metaverse requires the use of a blockchain-based platform to buy, sell or trade virtual assets. The most commonly used platform, Ethereum, supports the use of cryptocurrencies such as NFT coins and SAND. The amount earned depends on the strength of your knowledge of art, music and gaming in the metaverse.

What is P2E?

P2E is an abbreviation of “play to earn” and refers to games and virtual worlds that gamers play for crypto token rewards. Some games require an investment in tokens or NFTs (non-fungible tokens), while others allow people to earn crypto by playing. As of 2022, some of the most popular P2E games are Axie Infinity, Zedd Run and Gods Unchained.

What does P2E mean in NFT?

P2E NFT games give players the option to earn non-fungible tokens as a reward for playing. The possibility of earning these tokens may also drive users back to the games repeatedly and increase their engagement with the in-game economy.
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The Galaxy Arena is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with PlayNity, the Play2Earn gaming trend future! PlayNity’s primary mission is to create a possibility to understand...
Arena Games is thrilled to announce its marketing partnership with Cheelee with a mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to make money on social networks, regardless of the number...
Playdex has announced its partnership with Xtalnia a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game. Xtalnia is a turn-based strategy multiplayer online blockchain game. Formerly...
Clarnium announces the partnership with Arcona XR, an Augmented Reality Metaverse! Arcona is a classic augmented reality metaverse. It is a single digital space where various people...
Elixir is thrilled announce a new collaboration with Killer Karen to benefiting from ever-increasing synergies as both projects continue to develop and gain momentum. Distribution of Killer...
Gunstar Metaverse has announced its partnership with Ninja Game Guild, a newly created Game Guild, with about 200 gamers and about 3000 members on discord. Gunstar Metaverse wishes to join...
Ultra has integrated with Aether Games, a game developer and publisher focusing on high-quality games that utilize blockchain technology, to provide a variety of new opportunities to...
Fabwelt Studios announced its latest partnership with DeQuest to bring a new dimension to the Selestium Metaverse with a focus on gamified learning and user reputation building. Fabwelt...
Amarna is thrilled to announce its newest collaboration with Babylons, a huge platform where you can access NFTs and Blockchain based games.  Everything starts with an idea, and as what...
Ruby Protocol has announced its strategic partnership with Tank Wars Zone team, they talked recently and discuss how they can test and improve their privacy and data management capabilities...
Frutti Dino has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on BNB Chain mainnet. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we now have access to a...
Double Protocol is thrilled to announce its integration with Fantasy Arena, a next-generation metaverse powered by the BNB Chain network. This partnership will birth the deployment and...
Drawshop Kingdom Reverse (DKR) and Swapscanner have signed an official partnership agreement! Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is a DAO-based Metaverse with NFT, P2E game. In DKR World, you can...
Battle Saga is thrilled to share its new Product Update. Battle Saga is the next generation strategic metaverse game – earn without playing (EWP). One of their goals is to make it as...
Zone of Avoidance is excited to announce its partnership with Ailoverse, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game and NFT collection based on a squad of cat robots explorers. Ailoverse plans to grow from...
KALA Network is glad to announce its collaboration with LightCycle, a 3D Metaverse platform tailored for fashion, entertainment, gaming, filming, music, sports, real estate, retail and...
Metabase has announced its strategic partnership with One World Nation (OWN), a setup on a planet called Crypton. It is a world where your favourite cryptos come to life. Imagine if...
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