NFT, Crypto Metaverse, P2E News

What exactly is NFT?

NFTs are smart contract-based platform that allows users to exchange virtual goods and assets. For example, the token can represent pieces of art, music, or games. It can also represent real-world assets such as automobiles or houses. They are not fungible as they have no intrinsic value but provide an additional layer of functionality in addition to being a tradable asset.

What is Metaverse in blockchain?

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain that allows people to register and issue virtual assets. It also has a decentralized application (DApp) platform, which enables the development of various applications based on digital assets, digital identities, and value intermediaries.

How does the Metaverse work?

The metaverse can be divided into two sorts of platforms in general.
The first involves leveraging nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies to create blockchain-based metaverse startups.
The second group uses the metaverse to describe virtual worlds in general, where people might meet for business or enjoyment.
The Metaverse requires the use of a blockchain-based platform to buy, sell or trade virtual assets. The most commonly used platform, Ethereum, supports the use of cryptocurrencies such as NFT coins and SAND. The amount earned depends on the strength of your knowledge of art, music and gaming in the metaverse.

What is P2E?

P2E is an abbreviation of “play to earn” and refers to games and virtual worlds that gamers play for crypto token rewards. Some games require an investment in tokens or NFTs (non-fungible tokens), while others allow people to earn crypto by playing. As of 2022, some of the most popular P2E games are Axie Infinity, Zedd Run and Gods Unchained.

What does P2E mean in NFT?

P2E NFT games give players the option to earn non-fungible tokens as a reward for playing. The possibility of earning these tokens may also drive users back to the games repeatedly and increase their engagement with the in-game economy.
Phala Network has partners with Polka Foundry Through the collaboration, PolkaFoundry removes yet another friction in DeFi applications by addressing DeFi user privacy and confidentiality...
Refinable announces the launch of their Polkastarter whitelist lottery event for Initial DEX Offering (IDO), This whitelist lottery event will provide Refinable community members with an...
Blind Boxes Marketplace begins its Mainnet Beta. Blind Boxes Marketplace is a decentralized application (dApp) that enables curators to organize and launch limited edition drops of NFT...
FM Gallery Partners with BakerySwap to bring the best NFT artworks to the Binance Smart chain communities. The partnership will allow FM Gallery and BakerySwap to jointly design and issue...
Chiliz has partnered with Rakuten To launch FAN Token. Through this partnership, Rakuten customers in Spain, UK and Germany can use Rakuten points to redeem Fan Tokens – collectible,...
KardiaChain announced strategic partnership with Yeah1 Group to lead the blockchain station of the entertainment industry. This collaboration will work in many areas, and the most prominent...
ChainGuardians has unveiled “GUARDIAN PROGRAM” The program will rewards early CGG token holders for their trust, loyalty, and engagement during early development. About Guardians...
Ethernity Chain Launches Authenticated NFT Marketplace to Curtail Fraud, Though the concept of an NFT is designed to reduce counterfeiting and fraud. With the authenticated NFT of Ethernity...
Polkamonorg is using Chainlink‘s Verifiable Random Function (VRF)  on Polygon Network mainnet to determine the rarity of newly minted Polkamon monster NFTs. Chainlink VRF ensures...
Chainbinders, raised over $5 million in first two hours after the start of sale of their native BND utility token, with $3.8 million raised in just 15 minutes as part of the liquidity...
Polyient has launched NFT Discover, a gamified web application where users choose their favorite NFTs from hundreds of thousands of randomized pairings. The new app lets users engage with...
Unicly is deploying a new protocol to fractionalize and pool liquidity for NFTs, allowing users to own portions of collections and resell them as fungible tokens. Unicly’s self-funded...
The Cash Tech application allowing users to store and manage their Non-Fungible Token assets. Users can easily transfer and receive the ownership of NFTs token associated with the asset Cash...
PolkaFoundry has partnered with Chainlink to integrate data oracles into its ecosystem. Chainlink’s decentralized networks of oracles will provide dApps in the PolkaFoundry ecosystem with...
Plethori announces strategic partnership with Stater Finance, NFT project. Through this collaboration, both team will work together to provide value to both projects. Stater will get a...
British actor and screenwriter Laurence Fuller launched the first feature film NFT goes live on the digital asset marketplace, Open Sea.   Five Films Team offers participants the...
Luka Garza, the former Iowa Hawkeyes star and Wooden Award winner, becomes latest athlete to sell Non-Fungible Token. The NFT auction ended with the highest and winning bid coming in at...
Super Farm introduced SUPER PAID in partnership with Paid Network to engage in co-IDOs for the most promising projects coming to the crypto space. co-IDO is a collaborative effort between...
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