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As announced in the volt  Q3 and Q4 Community Update , a rebranded version of the Fuse Cash app will take place in the Fuse and Voltage ecosystems. So, what is it they have been carefully modelling during the bear (buidler’s) market?

Let’s get more specific.

Volt DeFi wallet

User friendly

They are well aware of the fact that a majority of new DeFi users struggles with working principles of DeFi apps, and with that in mind, their approach was minimalistic, determined and simple. Information overflow is often a reason new users find themselves in no man’s land. In the Volt app, the most important operations are simplied to a level everyone will like and understand, regardless of what their entry level is.


The whole concept of crypto is based around decentralization. That means: no banks, no middlemen, no custodian. Why does that matter?”, you might ask yourself. Well, as an example, banks can easily block your accounts and you won’t be able to withdraw your hard earned money. In DeFi, the aim at decentralization is fixed. Volt curates the idea of having complete freedom over thieir decisions, specially financial ones. Between Volt app and you, there is no one. No one can interfere with your account in any way, unless you give them the green light. With Volt, you’re secure.

Fiat on-ramp

To have a seamless onboarding experience, Volt partners from Ramp Network have provided a simple, non-custodial fiat on-ramp solution. Also, Ramp is offering some of the lowest fees compared to any other crypto provider, to a market of over 150 countries spread across the globe. Impressive.

Cloud backup recovery

They can’t overstate how imporant security in DeFi is. That’s why they added another layer of protection.

Apart from the “classic” backup template, creating and storing a seed phrase, Volt users will be able to connect the Volt app to their Google Drive, where the cloud backup of recovery file will be stored. The cloud backup of your recovery file is protected, and Volt:DeFi can’t access other files on your drive. On top of that, users can protect their Volt app with biometrics, in this case fingerprint mapping.

Gasless transactions

You read that right, no gas when swapping crypto. Volt cares about their users and their experience in the crypto space. Gas is being covered by Voltage Finance liquidity pools. One step closer to frictionless DeFi.

DeFi at pocket-reach

The first version of Volt will be primarily an entry point for everyone, specially their community members. That being said, they will gradually enrich the application and add DeFi features as times go by. Expect staking, farming, governance and much more to entailed under the Voltage ecosystem.

Volt will be open for beta testing and during that event, a selected number of users will have the chance to help them out and test the app thoroughly while sharing their experience with volt.

For a long time, Fuse Cash has been the simplest gateway to joining the Fuse Network. As the network is expanding, so are priorities shifting. One of our priorities is to offer a seamless DeFi experience to everyone. And how to do it if not mobile? In a fast-paced world, the trends are obviously simplicity and time-management. This can be spotted easily, just think of the era of phone development. The first mobile phone went from a brick-sized alien object to a shiny, multi-color-display device packed with a powerful computer.

The cellular revolution started in the 90’s and to this day, the user-base has grown by a whopping 200000%+, and currently, there’s more than 2.5 billion mobile phone users. Compared to the mobile phone industry, where in 2020 only 47.1% of homes worldwide have a computer (source:

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to all the beauties of technology, but mobile phones stand out as a cheap, practical and reliable substitution for computers.

Volt thinks the mobile industry is here to stay, and as a DAO aiming to be the ultimate DeFi-hub on the Fuse Network, having their own wallet was a logical move.



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