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Massbit is building a decentralized, globally distributed blockchain delivery network (BDN) to provide users with streamlined and robust access to blockchain APIs. The product offering has 4...
Angry Polar Bears (APB) — an enterprise launchpad ecosystem for Web3 — has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF)on Polygon mainnet. By integrating the industry-leading...
Synapse Protocol now powers generalized cross-chain messaging between the Klaytn Network and other Synapse supported chains. Upon launch, generalized cross-chain messaging will facilitate...
 Hakka Intelligence — the prediction platform developed by Hakka Finance — has integrated Chainlink Automation on the Polygon network. We are leveraging Chainlink Automation to help...
hashmail is extremely proud and privileged to announce a partnership with Unstoppable Domains – the leading decentralized identity and domain name provider for the web3 ecosystem With...
NEARStarter is excited to announce that they are incubating Evie, a NEAR NFT Marketplace Aggregator! EVIE Hub offers NFT marketplace aggregation, data & education-driven games, sweep...
Sonne Finance — the first native liquidity market on Optimism — has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on Optimism mainnet. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle...
Ferrum network having received a grant from the Algorand Foundation to bring their suite of products to the ecosystem, is a big moment for them. They are proud to introduce their first...
Shamba, a Web3 decentralized monitoring reporting and verification (DMRV) network working to advance sustainability and economic inclusion through regenerative finance (ReFi), has integrated...
As announced in the volt  Q3 and Q4 Community Update , a rebranded version of the Fuse Cash app will take place in the Fuse and Voltage ecosystems. So, what is it they have been carefully...
MetaShooter has teamed up with Earn Guild, a guild that is well-known for having a large, dynamic, and always growing community. With a constantly developing player community and a flurry of...
As part of the Algorand Foundations initiative to provide grants to innovative projects, Swingby has received a strategic grant from the Foundation to help bring Skybridge technology to the...
🏷️ Polygon is thrilled to announce that Flowerpatch cannabis farming MMO is now integrated with #Polygon, an #Ethereum internet of blockchains. Say goodbye to gas fees – you can...
Chainlink is excited to award a co-sponsored grant to #Volta to natively integrate #Chainlink into Edgeware, a decentralized application for an open society community owned, fairly...
Origin Protocol is thrilled to announce that $OGN is now live on Coinbase and in the Coinbase iOS & Android Applications. Origin Protocol is now one momentous step closer to achieving...
🏷️ HathorNetwork is thrilled to announce a partnership with Ankr to provide full nodes for #dApp builders to bring their ideas to life on the...
🏷️ Polygon is happy to share that BwareLabs and Polygon are joining hands to promote increased access to decentralised and scalable...
🏷️ The DIA team opens a new DAO proposal for a staking program to offer yields to long term...
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Total Trading Volume 24h: $87.25B(-10.25%/24h)
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