Fuse Partners with Massbit

Published on: 17.12.2022

Massbit is building a decentralized, globally distributed blockchain delivery network (BDN) to provide users with streamlined and robust access to blockchain APIs.

The product offering has 4 main components: Massbit Route, Prime, Insights, and multi-chain indexing. Massbit Route is Massbit’s flagship product, and it is currently running on the second testnet iteration.

Massbit Route is a decentralized network of providers, including nodes and gateways, whose task is to connect users to the supported blockchains by routing their RPC connection requests. Those requests are initially sent to gateways which then address them to the relevant node, which transmits requests to its associated node on the relevant supported blockchain.

Massbit aims at achieving significant provider redundancy to ensure that if some providers in a given geographic zone are not available at a given moment to serve a request, it can still be served reliably by other providers.

At the time of writing, the Route network is powered by 1,945 gateways and 2,188 nodes available in all the world regions.

The tech stack is powered by the Massbit chain built on top of the Polkadot-developed Substrate framework. It is a proof of stake network whose primary purpose is to enable and incentivize protocol participants to verify each other.

The Massbit network participants will be rewarded for the correct provision of their services with the upcoming MBT utility token. They will also need to stake MBT to ensure desired performance. A detailed description of MBT’s utility can be found in the Massbit documentation.

How Fuse integrates Massbit

Massbit integrates Fuse Network blockchain on the Massbit Route. This will make it possible to optimize access to the network further.

Once Route’s support for Fuse has been activated, projects and developers on Fuse will be able to boost their applications’ connectivity with Fuse Network.



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