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What is DeFi?

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is one of the biggest things in the blockchain and crypto industry right now. And it’s easy to see why: DeFi provides a variety of financial services that use blockchain technology to cut out middlemen and reduce costs.

How does DeFi work?

Decentralized finance is a new approach to the financial industry and banking. It uses blockchain technology, or what some people call cryptocurrency, and applications called dApps. In this system, transactions are recorded on a blockchain or a ledger of transactions. The secure ledger creates a record that cannot be altered or hacked by third parties and allows multiple users to verify the transactions through consensus.
The chain is a structure that links together the blocks of information it holds. Each block in the chain can hold a certain amount of data and contains an encrypted hash link to the previous block. The data contained in each block cannot be changed or altered, because once a block is completed it cannot be changed and the following blocks are all dependent on its information. This technology provides secure transactions through these permanent links and breaks down data to a manageable size by breaking it into pieces.

Pros of DeFi

The DeFi movement aims at introducing various benefits for customers and investors. Some of the notable advantages of DeFi would include the destruction of negotiators alongside centralized control. With these, one gains more transparency and control, whilst obtaining a decentralized network wherein all entities are granted access to financial services.
DeFi, which is also referred to as decentralized finance and dApp development, is the abstract of blockchain technology, a concept that has developed over time to address issues such as the lack of trust between users. DeFi would allow the creation of decentralized platforms that are designed to help in creating investment opportunities on a sustainable basis.
🔹 Security
🔹 Profitability

Cons of Decentralized Finance

While the benefits of DeFi are many, it is important to get a neutral opinion about its cons and drawbacks as well. The majority of problems associated with today’s DeFi projects are generally linked to blockchain and other related technologies. Blockchain’s scalability issues have caused headwinds for the implementation of smart contracts in specific industries like supply chain management. On the other hand, blockchain’s security concerns have also dissuaded many investors from supporting DeFi startups
🔹Limited integration
🔹Poor user experience
🔹Lack of oversight
🔹Volatility and risk

The Future of DeFi

Decentralized finance is growing at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing down. But while the technology behind this innovation is truly fascinating, there are still many aspects lacking when it comes to a complete ecosystem. Current laws were crafted based on the idea of separate financial jurisdictions, each with its own set of laws and rules.
As demand for DeFi grows, concerns arise over who is responsible for investigating financial crimes that occur across borders. Who would enforce the regulations, and how would they enforce them? Other concerns include system stability, energy requirements, carbon footprint and hardware failures.
🥂  After much discussion with the community in TIP-10, Switcheo Network announced first 5 #BSC market pairs being added to Demex. 🥂 #Switcheo is a cross-chain trading protocol for any...
💠 Bot Ocean Inc released Weekly update #4. 💠 Learn about the first #BotOcean feature: Portfolio Management & new blog to publish more content and also build SEO. #Defi_Eagle #Defi...
🥂 Clover announced an official integration with The Graph. 🥂 The goal is allowing developer community to immediately start using #Graph-supported EVM-compatible Substrate-based chain...
🥂  DeFiance Capital will serve as strategic advisors to Bancor. 🥂 It will use its BNT tokens to provide liquidity on #Bancor & earn yield from swap fees & liquidity mining...
🔑 Alice & BakerySwap organise AMA with $300 to share, March 18th 13:00 UTC. 🔑 Users can join to listen to what is “play-to-earn”, #gameplay, collecting & trading...
🌐 Unmarshal announced it’s #IDO Initial DEX Offering on #Polkastarter, a leading cross-chain auction protocol. 🌐 They are now venturing into the public sale of the $MARSH tokens...
🌐 0x Project’s API adds support for #BinanceSmartChain, aggregating liquidity across all existing liquidity sources on BSC. 🌐 Goal is to make it easy for DeFi developers to tap into...
🥂 SnowSwap collaborates with Everest to facilitate the mass market into DeFi. 🥂 #SnowSwap will adopt #Everest’s global fiat-in/out giving you the ability to fiat to yield farm on...
⚙️ On March 15, C.R.E.A.M. Finance encountered DNS hijacking. ⚙️ After taking immediate actions to deal with the crisis, all funds now are safe & they have regained control over...
🥂  FinNexus successfully expanded integration of industry-leading oracle solution Chainlink. 🥂 Goal is to support upgrades to platform, including new underliers, leveraged tokens...
🌐 ImpulseVen introduced $VEN Whitelist. 🌐 After recent strategic partnership announcement to co-incubate the project with YFDAI, it’s time to bring #ImpulseVen closer to the market...
🔑 CosmWasm organises workshop #CosmWasm & IBC, Mar 18, 3:00PM EET. 🔑 Users can listen to #CosmWasm & #IBC journey where chains speak freely and smart contracts whisper packets...
💠 Alpha Finance Lab announced #AlphaHomora is now live on #BinanceSmartChain. 💠 They also introduced multiple step-by-step guide & organises AMA, Mar 17th, at 3pm UTC on #Alpha...
🔑 UMA Protocol launched, BTC BASIS product, which is difference between futures & spot price of Bitcoin. 🔑 Users can mint tokens by putting up USDC collateral &...
🌐 Wing Finance officially extended the invitation to join in the NFT sphere. 🌐 If you have #Wing PolkaPets, you can join “Trainers” Telegram group chat to keep up to date on how...
⚙️ Kyber Network released Ecosystem Report #24. ⚙️ Read about DMM Litepaper released, Community Call 3 Recap, Supporting EIP-1559, xtoken rewards for xKNC users & much...
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