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Enjin, a pioneer in the metaverse and non-fungible tokens, has released Enjin Wallet 2.0, a major upgrade to its mobile blockchain wallet, which was introduced in 2018 and is highly regarded...
DEXs are peer-to-peer marketplaces for exchanging cryptocurrencies directly without needing a middleman. Instead, smart contracts, which are computer-programmed agreements carry out their...
MoraSwap, the number one decentralized exchange and launch platform built on Solana’s Neon EVM, has announced its updated Roadmap and Tokenomics. Moraswap announced that the updated...
BasicSwap website is live! It allows users to navigate to BasicSwapDEX to find a plethora of information on the Particl project’s upcoming privacy-first and cross-chain DEX. This new...
Curve.Finance, one of the largest DEXs and automated market makers deploys on Celo, the leading carbon-negative, EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain, using fast, scalable proof-of-stake...
BiswapDEX partners with IguVerse a GameFi App that redefines the concept of NFT using AI / ML technologies. IguVerse is creating a pet-centric Play to Earn social-network game. It’s a...
FibSwap — a cross-chain, decentralized exchange — has integrated Chainlink Automation live on Polygon mainnet. FibSwap DEX Integrates Chainlink Automation To Help Automate Asset...
The top 5 trusted cryptocurrency exchanges are those exchanges that are user-friendly with improved UI as well as good service offerings. As we all know many cryptocurrency exchanges have...
ORBS introduced TWAP for DEXes. TWAP stands for Time Weighted Average Price protocol for DEX and AMMs. Orbs pioneers the concept of L3 infrastructure, by utilizing Orbs’ decentralized...
Following the release of Mantra’s Governance & Upcoming Grants on Discord article on August 10th, their returning and new members of MANTRA’s Governing Council Cycle 2 has begun. In...
Amulet Protocol announced its strategic partnership with Project Serum, a high-speed, orderbook-based, non-custodial DEX that’s built on Solana. Amulet Protocol and Project Serum are...
Parcl, a digital real estate protocol built on Solana announced integration with Orca to provide Concentrated Liquidity! Parcl announced integration with Orca’s Whirlpools AMM program...
Bridgesplit is thrilled to announce its partnership with Jupiter to offer a better swapping experience for their holders. With this partnership of Bridgesplit and Jupiter, their users will...
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Defi Market Cap: $86.56B(+7.11%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2429.36B(+3.65%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $82.77B(+20.80%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $420.64B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 20.58%
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